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Keep Calm and Create On: Words of Encouragement from One Artist to the Next

Publication Date: June 1, 2016 

Softcover, 5” x 8”  

Self-Help/ Creativity 

80 pages 

ISBN: 978-0997445800  


About Keep Calm and Create On

“You must learn to take the talents that you have and create a movement with them."

This book is designed as a universal self-motivational and transformative tool of written passages for artists and individuals. This tool is for the "every artist". The everyday artist who is living within the dichotomy of societal norms versus allowing themselves to be fully submerged in their crafts. Keep Calm and Create On acknowledges both ends of the spectrum and strives the reader to stay continually motivated, balanced, and spiritually sound.

Originally starting as a weekly blog, Author Brittney S. Harris began penning Keep Calm and Create On because she found herself dealing with issues that every day artist go through on a regular basis: the duality of working a 9-to-5 job only to get off and rehearse or perform until the midnight hour. It was all too familiar! As a woman of color and as a performer of over 20 years, Harris had her fair share of rejections. Not solely based on race or ethnicity, the industry is so saturated with the overt glamification of women and superficial reality shows displaying more of a distortion of “reality” than truth.

Through 40 passages, these writings can be used as daily inspiration towards your artistic journey of self-discovery and purpose.