Outreach & Projects

Outreach & Programming

  As an advocate for Cultural Enrichment and Personal Development, I have worked in the non-profit sector for over 5 years building programming centered around raising awareness and interested in the Arts community. As well as...

From One-Woman Show "The Intersection" about BLM Activist Sandra Bland


I share a special affinity for projects that not only aspire an aesthetic connection to individuals and myself but moreso serves a larger purpose in raising awareness about issues that are often deemed "taboo" to society in general.  


Outline of workshops in current rotation and in-development.

Outreach & Programming

Collegiate & Community Programming

Department of Theatre and Film Studies, University of Georgia  

Outreach and Recruitment  

Girls Inc. of the Greater Peninsula  

Director of Special Projects and Quality Assurance   

YWCA of South Hampton Roads 

Outreach Advocate

Annual Day of Unity – Night of Remembrance Candlelight Vigil

Chairperson/ Volunteer Coordinator & Event Planner

T.W.P. (Teens With A Purpose)


Department of Theatre and Film Studies, Univ of Georgia

Outreach and Recruitment Coordinator

Over past two years and a half, I have served as the UGA Department of Theatre and Film Studies’ Outreach and Recruitment Coordinator Assistant. Initially this position did not exist as a regular assistantship option; however, I noticed an immense need of cultural diversity within our department. While we have the resources to serve a multiplicity of students, there was a lack of interests.   

  • Promote the social, academic, and aesthetical benefits of theatre involvement on a collegiate level and to boost non-major/major audition and technical crew participation.   

  • Provide assistance with event planning including supervision of undergraduate student workers 

  • Support departmental processes related student recruitment including contacting prospective students, creation of marketing materials, peer advising/mentoring, conducting campus tours and orientation activities, and delivery of presentations  

Behind the Scenes @ UGA

I created and managed the current outline of this program. Participant engagement and recruitment primarily stems from outreach in the Greater Athens-Clarke County and Atlanta area; as well as attending all state level literary and performance conferences and competitions   

Our one-day workshop Behind the Scenes is designed to give high school students an interactive experience of our Theatre and Film Studies Department. Behind the Scenes activities are, but not limited to, the following: Tour of the Fine Arts Building and Theatre; Learn about majoring in Theatre at UGA; Lunch meet up with UGA Theatre majors; Parent/Guardian Talkback with UGA Theatre Administration Rep and much more!  

UGA Audition Prep 2.0

Designed workshop outline and curriculum based on needs assessment on the local high school demographic.  This interactive workshop is designed to raise awareness about the UGA’s thriving and exciting Department of Theatre and Film Studies and preparing for the professional world of theatrical auditions. 

Through this 1-hour intensive master class, the students will receive real-world advice and several critical tips for doing their personal best for the next audition. Our workshop objective is preparing young actors to bring their 'A' game to casting directors by learning audition techniques, how to put their best foot forward in the casting room and, how to be in the mindset of a working actor.  

Girls Incorporated of the Greater Peninsula

Director of Quality Assurance & Special Projects

By mentoring and teaching over the years, I have noticed that many young adults establish their personal aesthetics and interpersonal skills at a very early age. Furthermore, I believe by providing resources and opportunities for our youth and young adult population to utilize their own distinctive histories and experiences, we can foster a new set of individuals built on confidence and artistic integrity. 

I have a vision of a thriving creative global workplace and its primary focus will be implementing professional development and cultural enrichment courses on the higher and secondary education spectrum. This vision supports creative critical thinking, effective public speaking, and entrepreneurship.  

  • Responsible for the organization accountability and team that promotes customer satisfaction, positively impacting the financial performance of Girls Inc. of the Greater Peninsula. 

  • Enforced Standard Operating Procedures with the goal of maintaining compliance in accordance to the organization standards based on current regulations and up to date programs development procedures.  

  • Worked with CEO in developing department’s goals and objectives to support Girls Inc. of the Greater Peninsula aimed at planning-related community involvement projects.  

L.I.F.T. (Leadership Institute for Teens) & EUREKA

I always say working for Girls Inc. is what solidified my paths as an advocate for youth empowerment and cultural enrichment. As Director of Special Projects, I developed two Youth Development programs in S.T.E.A.M and Personal Development. The Leadership Institute for Teens (L.I.F.T.) and EUREKA! are geared towards inspiring and empowering young people in low-income demographics.   

One of my main platforms is that no one should be denied any educational or artistic experience simply because of their economic background. Specifically through L.I.F.T, I created a 28- week curriculum that allowed our teens to explore various levels of philanthropy within their community as well as cultivate interpersonal skills such as public speaking and productive peer-to-peer interaction. Effective communication skills are so important! I can honestly say one of the most rewarding experiences is seeing our older teens, between the ages of 16 and 18, download apps that were pertaining to current events rather than just for social fulfillment. 

Throughout the course of their yearly commitment, each participant is required to take part in monthly community service projects. L.I.F.T. aims to show a holistic point of view of post-high school education.